Saturday, 19 January 2013

New Blog

Dear Reader,

Just couldn't believe it. My old Blog had been unceremoniously removed, without as much as a kind word or any word for that matter, by my ISP. From one day to the next, it was no longer in existence.

I am quite sad that it has gone, it was a place where I had documented many of my hope, fears, problems and success connected with the publishing of my first and second children's book. And now it has all gone.

Like old photos or other sentimental items consumed by fire, I can live without it, but I would much rather that it still existed, so I could read it, remember, reflect and add to it.

But life moves on. And I am starting a new Blog, where some of the many topics that my friendly and loyal readers use to enrich and fertilise my world can be discussed, humoured, and just simply passed onto a greater audience.

For now, I am off to enjoy the snow, which has fallen so beautifully on man and beast.

Hampshire Jan. 2013


  1. You might want to check's Wayback Machine, at least part of your old blog might be there. Type in your old blog's URL, hit "Take Me Back," and see if that gets you anything.

    This is one thing I like about Blogger, you have the ability to back up the whole thing with a few clicks. I set a monthly reminder to do that, in case it gets hijacked or something.

  2. Great suggestion, I will check this out. Thank you!