Friday, 25 January 2013

My TOP 5+1 ways to make children read books

Dear Reader,

It is generally accepted that it is good for children at any age to read books. It helps their reading, writing and comprehension skills, and they are likely to discover something new and interesting about the world around them.

All well and good, but how do we make our children read books? There seems to be an endless list of things competing for a child's attention, and many of these are far more shiny and interesting than a book.

Well here is my list of top 5 + 1 things to try.
Do you agree? Let's share ideas and experiences about what works or not!?

  1. Start them young, let them grow up with books from an early age.
  2. Make books available 24/7. Surround them with books, within easy reach*
  3. Read laud for them, and make them read laud for you. Show your appreciation.
  4. Make books special. Give as presents or as a special gift for doing well with school work.
  5. Allow them to scribble and write in their books.
  1. Children love to copy their parents, so make sure you read lots of books yourself.

* We have books in every room in the house, even the toilet :))

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